Date Event/Group City Website/Contact
Jan 2nd-3rd 2017 Recording @ isis Music Hall Asheville, NC
Feb 3rd-4th 2017 SparX Weekend Cleveland, OH URL
March 2nd 2017 9:20 Special San Fransisco, CA
March. 10th-11th 2017 Pirate Swing Ann Arbor, MI
March 24th 2017 Boston Tea Party Boston, MA
March 31st-Apr 1st 2017 School of Hard Knox Knoxville, TN
April 7th 2017 DC Lindy Exchange Washington, DC
April 28th-29th 2017 Dirty Dozen Weekend Providence, RI
June 9th 2017 All Balboa Weekend Cleveland, OH
June 17th 2017 Southern Swing Challenge Nashville, TN
June 23rd 2017 Beantown Camp Beverly, MA
June 29th 2017 White Horse Black Mountain Black Mountain, NC
June 30th 2017 Blue Ridge Bal Asheville, NC
July 12th 2017 Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing New York, NY
July 21-23rd 2017 Jeju Swing Camp Jeju, Korea
Aug. 4th-5th 2017 Bal-ast Off Huntsville, AL
Aug. 19th 2017 Triangle Swing Dance Soc. Durham, NC
Aug 31-Sept 1 2017 Swing Out New Hampshire Hebron, NH
Sept 4th 2017 Camp Hollywood Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 13th 2017 Celebrity Series (public concert) Boston, MA
Sept. 15th 2017 Lindy on the Rocks Denver, CO
Sept. 29th-30th 2017 Classic City Swing Athens, GA
Oct 7-8 2017 Empire City Swing New York, NY
Nov. 4th-5th 2017 Nevermore Jazz Ball St. Louis, MO
Nov. 9th-11th 2017 Fog City Stomp San Fransisco, CA
Nov. 17th 2017 Austin Lindy Exchange Austin, TX