CoverThe Rhythm Serenader’s self-titled debut album is now available on iTunes for pre-order! This is a very exciting moment we’ve been waiting a while for.

We recorded this album live at Isis Restaurant and Music Hall, during the days following Lindy Focus XIV. With all of the energy of the event at our backs, making a live recording was the most natural thing in the world, and we’re grateful for all the people who helped make that circumstance possible.

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Michael Gamble, Bass
Keenan McKenzie, Clarinet and Saxes
Jonathan Stout, Lead Guitar
Paul Cosentino, Clarinet and Saxes
Russ Wilson, Vocals and Drums
Brooks Prumo, Rhythm Guitar
Gordon Au, Trumpet
Craig Gildner, Piano
Noah Hocker, Trumpet
James Posedel, Piano
Josh Collazo, Drums
Lucian Cobb, Trombone
Laura Windley, Vocals
David Wilken, Trombone
(*sorted by # of tracks performed on)

It was such an honor to make a record with this terrific lineup of musicians – hope you enjoy it!